Launch…In the Twilight Zone

Three very weird coincidences so far:


1) I’ll be appearing at The Strand bookstore in NYC with former NatLamp stalwart Sean Kelly on Tuesday, 6/25 (7 pm, since you ask). Appearing the previous night in support of her  new book is Julie Kavanagh, who I last saw when we shared a tent at a camp run by emigré  Russians in the South of France when we were 15 (long story).

2) On Wednesday I’m going to a sound studio on NY’s Upper West Side for an interview with WBUR in Boston. The  studio is run by a man named Larry Josephson, who was the notoriously cranky, eclectic, and funny morning DJ for WBAI in New York when I interned there while still in high school and for whom I interviewed NatLamp founding editor Doug Kenney right  before the first issue appeared.  Being a teenager and living wholly in the now, I of course didn’t think to preserve the tape.

3) I’ve discovered the husband of  my oldest friend from school is a fellow Norton author and in fact his oldest friend from school is an editor there.

Further evidence that it’s best to avoid being an asshole when you’re young, because your past will come back when you least expect it if  you hang around long enough.

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